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Company Policies

1. Our Price Policy: Prices in our catalog are our suggested list prices and should only be used as a guide for retail pricing. Because of the unforeseeable price and supply fluctuations beyond our control, we reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to raise or lower our prices without notice.

2. Terms: 1% 10th-Net 11th. All accounts past due will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% per month on past due balance. We reserve the right to close or place on C.O.D. any past due account.

3. Our offices and warehouse will be open 7:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday, except national holidays where applicable.

4. All merchandise is prices FOB Denver, Grand Junction, Casper, or Salt Lake City warehouses. Any special handling, freight, parcel post, or UPS charges are our customers' responsibility.

5. All Custom & Special Orders require written purchase order issued to R/W Specialties and may require a customer sign off that the order has been placed correctly. Please understand that we cannot cancel special orders once they have been stared and all special orders are not returnable. 


6.  Return Policy: All material must be returned in sealable condition and in the original carton or container. All returns must receive prior approval and have a return authorization number issued. Return authorization can not be issued without the original R/W invoice number.

Merchandise returned within 60 days of invoice will be subject to 15% restocking fee. Over 60 day, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. Custom Mill or Special Order returns are by quotation only and in many cases are not returnable.

All return credits are F.O.B. our warehouse. Any return via R/W truck must be suitable packaging to prevent damage. A return freight charge of 7% will be deducted.

7. Designated areas have truck delivery. Freight charges vary depending on area.

8. Government controls, model modifications, change in manufacturers and circumstances beyond our control will determine some company policy. We reserve the right to initiate necessary charges or changes when dictated by any of the above.

9. R/W Shortage & Damage Policy: When either picking up or receiving by delivery any merchandise from R/W, please insect all goods received and note the condition of your merchandise.  This is your responsibility. By signing the receiving slip, you acknowledge that the merchandise is correct, complete and in good condition. If there is an error in shipment or any damage, it must be noted on the receiving slip or reported to us within 24 hours.

10. LTL Shortage & Damage Policy: Please count cartons, not skids. If there is a shortage or damage, have carrier sign accordingly and file a claim within the legal time limit. Do not deduct from the invoice. We are not responsible for filing a freight claim or replacement of merchandise.

11. Deal Show Policy: We will allow an amount equal to 1/2 percent of previous year purchases, but not to exceed $500 for deal shows. We feel these shows are beneficial to all involved, and hope that we may continue to participate with our dealers under this guideline to help make all shows successful.

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